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Vanguard is an interactive ecosystem driven by finite-state machines. It depicts a century-long battle between humanity and a parasitic alien as they contend for the solar system's resources. Behavior Machine, a visual scripting tool for Unity, was used to create the AI for three different NPCs, each with their own unique behaviors and goals.

For this project, I wanted to create something similar to a real-world ecosystem, where each organism is dependent on the others to maintain balance within the system. Below is a brief breakdown of each entity in the project's ecosystem and its role within it:

  • The asteroid belt periodically spawns asteroids for the parasite and human ships to harvest.

  • The parasite harvests asteroids, putting it in an enraged state (becoming red) which allows it to destroy human ships. The parasite cannot be destroyed.

  • The human ships harvest asteroids, returning them to the delivery dock. If the parasite is nearby and enraged, ships will damage it to take it out of its enraged state, but the ship is destroyed in the process.

  • The delivery dock tracks asteroids received. When it has collected three asteroids it creates a new ship, providing a slow, but consistent, stream of new ships.

  • There is also a ship which a player can pilot so that they may interact with the system.