Monument Valley


Unity 4

Team Size:

Lead Level Designer


Monument Valley is an arcade race track developed in Unity. The track takes inspiration from the Seven Wonders of the World, having the player travel back in time to race across famous ancient landmarks and monuments.

We chose this theme because we thought it was the perfect fit for an enjoyable arcade racer track: a wide, expansive space that players could quickly move across to provide a satisfying feeling of speed, augmented with landmarks which were enjoyable to look at and recognize as you sped past, over, under, or through them. As well, these landmarks were repurposed to fit into the arcade racer genre, for example, the stones of Stonehenge were used as obstacles to avoid, the Great Wall of China emphasizes a combination of straights and zigzags, the Giza desert (home of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx) emphasizes sweeping curves for drifting, and there is also giant jump over the Niagara Falls!

My role in this project was conceiving the original idea and layout, as well as designing and aiding in production throughout the project's development life, taking on roles such as greyboxing, 3D modelling, and prop placement. As well, I made certain the level was bug-free, polished, and I continually adjusted flow and level design throughout development to improve gameplay wherever possible.